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Focus On 5 Human Resources Functions

The management of teams and talents is the main mission of Human Resources professionals within companies. In other words, they manage hiring and staff training as well as strengthening social relationships to ensure a pleasant and stimulating work environment. If you want to know more information about Human Resources functions you can check at Zoe Talent Solutions.com

On the other hand, if they are very interesting in terms of professional career, the Human Resources professions however require strong technical and managerial skills, but also essential human qualities such as the sense of observation and listening, negotiation and above all a good dose of empathy and organization. The training offer Human Resources is essentially based around recruitment, training, evaluation and compensation … Here are the portraits of 5 Human Resources jobs.

Staff management

This function involves the management of the entire “personal chain”, from recruitment to forward-looking management of jobs and skills (GPEC), through pay and staff evaluation. In addition, the personnel manager must perform his function taking into account the real needs of the company in order to hope for rather satisfactory results.

In addition, candidates for a career in personnel management ideally need a degree in Human Resources Management. It is a function that can offer other alternatives, such as the Human Resources assistant position accessible with a Bachelor in charge of Human Resources admission. The HR assistant is the right-hand man for the HR director, who helps him achieve his various missions and remains a privileged interlocutor for employees.

Payroll trades

Payroll is certainly a fundamental function of Human Resources and therefore remains very much in demand by companies. Working in close collaboration with the Human Resources department and the accounting department of the company, the missions of a payroll agent are diversified and involve the preparation of pay slips, the total management of employees (leave, absences , travel, pensions …), management of social declarations with mutuals, etc.

In terms of skills required to practice the profession, the control of databases, payroll software and office tools is highly desirable. Finally, the position is primarily intended for holders of a Payroll Management and Personnel Administration License.

Social management control

Among his many missions, he anticipates and evaluates the financial costs of the Human Resources policy, manages the information on the workforce, prepares budgets and annual forecasts, organizes meetings and especially establishes financial follow-ups and social reports of the business.

Social management control is a strategic function of Human Resources, so it remains very attractive in terms of remuneration. If he can eventually lead to the Human Resources Department, a Master 2 in Social Management Control is the qualification to access this position.

Staff training and management of social relations

On the one hand, the training manager assesses the collective and individual needs of employees in order to implement a training plan structured around new learning methods. On the other hand, the head of social relations, also called legal and social responsibility or still attached to the social management, is the representative of the company in the negotiations with the various representative bodies of the personnel. Its main mission is to ensure a better social climate and ensure a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere in the workplace.

Finally, it is now possible to follow a distance training in Human Resources, many platforms exist for those who wish to master the strings of the field at home!

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