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The rivalry between Google & Bing has been on for around a decade now, with each search engine carving their niche in the market. However, it seems like the rivals have now joined forces as two crucial spots within Bing’s properties are now directly tied to Google.


Heart of the Matter


It started with a new beta feature that allows you to import your website into Bing’s Webmaster Tools without a hassle if you are already verified within Google Search Console.



Later, on August 30th, we saw a reporting of a new Sync option (Sync with Google My Business) being available within Bing Places Accounts. You can make use of this option once you have logged into Bing Places for Business and picked a location to work on.



The feature is currently enabled only for users who have a maximum of 10 businesses in their Google My Business Account. This means the feature is not for those who manage more than 10 businesses in their Google My Business Account.


Actionable Strategy


This partnership between Google and Bing might seem weird to many, but the latest features are a step in the right direction. It is now less time consuming and hassle-free for users to verify businesses as well as easier to research within both sets of Webmaster Tools. Although the feature is still in its initial stage, we expect some more features, like Syncing for users who manage more than 10 businesses, to be launched sooner than later.



Businesses with multiple locations often have a hard time managing their customer reviews. Responding to each and every review, from each and every location can be taxing. Google My Business’ recent local updates roll out revealed that now you can easily manage your reviews on the same page.





This new inclusion will enable seeing and replying to reviews across multiple listings on a single page. This might seem like a tiny little addition but it will drastically reduce the time needed for review management for multi-location businesses.


Things to Note


  • Organization accounts do not have this feature as of yet.
  • Replying to reviews from third-party sources isn’t allowed.
  • You can respond to reviews and see them organized into location groups only after your listing is verified.


Final Takeaway


Getting started is quick and easy. All you need to do is visit and follow the instructions given.






Now here’s some really good news for hotel owners with verified Google My Business (GMB) listings. Google recently announced that they have now added support to enable hotel owners or those working with hotels to update services and amenity details in the “Hotel Attributes” section.


How this will help hotel owners


One of the major reasons for keeping hotel services and amenities details up to date in the listings is that Google pulls the hotel’s highlights from here. These highlights, in the form of bright and colorful icons, appear next to the amenities in the Placesheet. They give potential customers a quick overview of all the amenities offered by the hotel such as ‘Free Wi-Fi’, ‘Free Parking’, ‘Pet-Friendly’, etc.


Steps to add new features


  • Sign in to Google My Business (using a computer, not mobile)
  • If you have multiple locations, open the location you would like to make changes to
  • Click on Info
  • Click on ‘Edit’ next to “Hotel Attributes”
  • Search for the attributes you want to add and fill in the necessary details
  • Click on Save


For all those who are yet to start out


In case you are one of those hotel owners or SEO professionals who haven’t yet gotten on board with GMB for hotels, then it’s high time you get on with it. Here are 3 simple steps to start the process


  • Sign Up for GMB for Hotels
  • Engage With Customers
  • Manage Hotel’s Details



While many may have noticed the ‘Google Guaranteed’ label that appears with some Local Service Ads, not many are aware of the fact that only certain industries qualify for this label. You need to go through a quick 3-step process to see if you do or don’t qualify for this label. Professionals such as attorneys, financial planners and real estate agents are amongst those who do not qualify for the Google Guaranteed label.




However, Google has now decided to roll out a new “Google Screened” Local Service Ad label for such professionals. Just like Google Guaranteed, the Google Screened label also comes with its own set of license and background checks. What differentiates the two labels is that there is no money-back guarantee with the Google Screened label businesses.


Know whether you qualify for this label


In order to get the Google Screened label, a business must have a rating of 3.0 or above. Moreover, there are business-level as well as business-owner background checks. Also, every professional in the business is required to pass a license and background check for the Local Service Ad to be labeled as “Google Screened”.


Final takeaway


Having your Local Service Ad labeled as Google Screened is bound to give your business more credibility and authority in the industry. If you are amongst those who represent an attorney, a financial planner or a real estate agent, then it’s best that you check out the Google Screened label and start the process of getting it added to the Local Service Ad.



Twitter mentioned in their blog post, create video content with your phone using these 4 ingenious ideas, that all you need for a campaign to be successful is good content and it can even be created using your phone. The post included some worth mentioning stats to help the users.


“On Twitter, brands need to create fresh and engaging visual content on a near-daily basis. Why? Because that’s what your audience wants. Tweets with video attract 10X more engagement than Tweets without video, Tweets with images attract 150% more Retweets than Tweets without images, and even Tweets with a GIF gain 55% more engagement than Tweets without a GIF.”


Remember, Twitter audiences love authenticity more than they love creativity. Give them something engaging and they will surely keep coming back to your page. Retweeting other people’s content isn’t going to take you far. Twitter’s blog post will help you out in creating impactful videos, GIFs and images specific to your audiences. Here’s a simple video created using a phone that Twitter shared.





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5 Ways To Generate More Website Traffic Thu, 26 Sep 2019 17:14:32 +0000 5 Ways To Generate More Website Traffic

Generating traffic to the website is a crucial link for many marketers with just as many marketing plans.

This is because the website is often the place where the important steps in the customer journey are reached, purchasing, collecting data, etc… Therefore here are the 5 ways to increase the traffic to the website.

For more information you can check at Glamy SEO Service


Use social media

By using social media, you can increase the traffic of your website. On the one hand, content can be placed through the various social media whereby traffic is stimulated. Allowing people to share and respond makes the reach wider. With the messages that stimulate the traffic, the visit to the website increases automatically.

To give extra attention to these social media, it is also necessary to place the buttons of the relevant social media on the website. By placing these buttons the chance is greater than people will follow the website. Once people follow, the chance of traffic has also increased. Directly by the people following you and indirectly by sharing and responding by the people following you.


SEO optimization

It is obvious to call affordable SEO. Even more specifically it is necessary to follow the instructions of Google well, these are described in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Some affordable SEO company are help to know more about affordable SEO.

By applying the methodologies, it is possible to increase the organic findability online. The traffic to that website can be linked directly to the greater findability. Many marketers pay too little attention to affordable SEO and the resulting opportunities in the cross media strategy.


Ensure a good approach to the content of the website

A number of essential so called “onpage” strategies together form the third point for generating more traffic.

Take care of content

  • take care of periodic new content
  • show the expertise with this content
  • let the content be relevant for the reader
  • remember that content provides added value

Think of the search engines as is also indicated in the second point think of the structure, use of texts, images and other aspects that increase findability implement social media tools think of the different plugin options connects with the content and content with the characteristics of the social media offer people a newsletter in this way you also retain visitors think of the use of different links Also use options outside the website These so called “ofpage” strategies also lead to more traffic to the website.

use social networks think of the linking of the various social platforms online but also social networks offline think of the connection with image media such as YouTube encourage in the messages to follow you or to go to the website take the characteristics of the social networks and the content of the content / message

external link building think of external parties that can generate very good traffic from the website to yours

use guest bloggers people like to publish and if you allow them, they will certainly share their own content in their own network

Consider also using paid services In addition to the previously mentioned, generally free options, there are also applications that you can use to generate traffic that require an investment.

Sponsored reviews also ensure traffic to the website on social media you can easily target groups of people with an advertisement via targeting,

use retargeting to influence people who have been to your website but have not yet purchased

These 5 ways to help you generate more traffic to your website. Make sure that the website and all the links that you use work. It is still too often that different channels are not aligned.

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How to Plan the Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign Mon, 23 Sep 2019 18:06:36 +0000 How to Plan the Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign


How to Plan the Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign

In recent years the online world has become the best place for making a business. Ecommerce is fast and effortless, as people can get what they want without going from one store to another. It is a great business platform, as you have a chance to be reachable from different parts of the world.

If you have never managed to deal with eCommerce businesses, be ready! You have a long journey here. This type of business allows you to reach your goal of implementing a great number of marketing tactics.

With the growing competition in the online world finding and executing great marketing campaign has really become a hard task. Planning a campaign demands proper and in-detailed attention in your actions. Following some steps and bringing them together can become your key element to business success. Let us focus on some:


1.Do Market Research and Make Competitor Analysis;

Thorough market research will allow you to decide the best product or service which has a high demand in the industry. If you have already had an idea about it, or maybe you want to bring your brick-and-mortar store into the e-commerce world, than you need to find out and understand your competitors. Analyzing the competition will help you to make an overall idea about their tactics which you can develop and improve in order to have higher results.

2.Create Detailed Buyer Persona;

Before starting a business you need to understand your customer’s needs and demands. It will help you find out and target the audience, which best match to your business. Your buyer persona should include all the details; including behaviors, goals, previous buying patterns, etc. Here you need to;

·         Identify your targeted group; (Including age, gender, preferences, etc.).

·         Understand their goals and objectives;

·         Target them;

·         Create a positive user experience.

3.Set Your Goals;

With the new coming trends and changes, setting goals that can lead your business to success is not enough. You need to update them from time to time. While setting your goals you need to focus on its results and effectiveness. However, regardless of the business type there are some general goals that almost all businesses have. These are;

·         Increase relevant traffic;

·         Create a positive user experience;

·         Have a high rank in search engines;

·         Make the visitors to convert;

·         Have a business growth;

·         Increase a brand awareness.

For reaching these, however you need eCommerce SEO services, as it provides you with the organic traffic who are ready to buy. Conducting and ecommerce SEO audit is as well very critical, as it allows you to find out if you do well.

4.Build a Good Strategy;

If you already know your goals and objectives, then it is time to make actions to reach them. For these you need to implement tried and true tactics and develop them. When speaking about strategies, it is important to mention, that every brand needs to implement SEO marketing as well. It builds your business ranking, which is really essential for your success.

5.Put a Solid Budget Plan.

Identifying your budget is really critical in each step of your campaign. You need to invest money for your business growth, however, without calculating your budget and making a wise division, you will get confused with your actions.

Investing money in digital marketing is taking your business to slow but sustainable success. Building a result-focused digital marketing campaign is critically important for your SEO ranking, conversions and sales. Through it you can find out success stories of similar businesses, implement their best practices and take some successful tips from them. It can help you to build a powerful business which will stand out from the competition.

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5 Tips_ Write Better and Post Your First Blog Post Sat, 21 Sep 2019 14:25:03 +0000 5 Tips_ Write Better and Post Your First Blog Post


5 Tips: Write Better and Post Your First Blog Post

Building a loyal readership and gaining more traffic is one of the biggest goals of content producers. However, these results require time, organization and dedication.

To get there, you’ll have to offer quality content that grabs the attention of your audience. So here are 5 tips for you to take as a starting point and use to better write and post your first blog post.   

For more information you can check at Custom Writing Service


1 – Brainstorm

Do a brainstorm (brainstorm) is one of the best early practices to collect possibilities of ideas, issues and topics for the content that you are writing and  publishing later.

At first, don’t bother to narrow down these options too much. Don’t be too critical or demanding of yourself.

The goal here is just to explore and let creativity flow by putting together random words and words that will help in producing the articles. 

A very simple way to do this is to take a piece of paper from a pen and start jotting down words, terms, and things that relate to the topics you want to address in your blog.

Once you have an ideal amount of ideas, it’s time to start thinking about the content.   


2 – Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience means you need to know specific information about which visitor profile your blog accesses.

This includes data such as age range, favorite hobbies, occupation, education level and social class.

You get all this data when you integrate WordPress with Google Analytics .

This allows you to produce more assertive content, with an approach and language targeted at these reader profiles.

The idea is to build and follow an editorial line that fits most of these users, so that they receive content strategically designed for them.

Depending on the purpose of your blog, the subjects you will publish on it and the profile of your visitors, content writing always fluctuates between the formal and informal tone.

Just don’t fall into the trap of writing anyway, as the odds aren’t pleasing readers are very high.   


3 – Sketch Content

This is the time to define what types of topics and topics you will cover in content.

With an outline, you create a kind of draft with the flow of information, paragraphs, and ideas that you should complete throughout the writing.

A traditional scheme to follow that works for any level of writer, whether beginner or experienced, is:

Introduction This is a short flashy text, at most one or two paragraphs, that initiates a conversation with the reader, presenting the purpose, delimitation and what they can expect from the published content.

Development It is the main part of any text. Because it is more elaborate, it requires a much more detailed delimitation of the topics and subjects addressed in the production of content. This is where content ideas are developed with meaning and contextualisation, and are also usually accompanied by some argument or opinion of the author.     

Conclusion It is also a succinct text that summarizes what was covered in the content. It is not very appropriate to repeat ideas shown before, but it is necessary to close everything that was presented in the article.


4 – Start Writing

Just starting to write can be a great pleasure or a terrible nightmare.

Whether you are a beginner or already experienced in practice, starting a text from scratch with the intent of the content and the delimitation of the theme and topics is one of the biggest challenges an author can face.

The suggestion here is to really write down everything in your head, considering the use of words, phrases, phrases and ideas altogether.

Always trying to make a link that makes sense between one paragraph and another, creating a kind of hierarchy of information importance. 

Since speaking is easier than doing, at first do not worry too much about what you write. With a first draft of the finished draft, you can edit, organize, and rewrite the article information later.

So, too, don’t be in a hurry and don’t cover much about your writing type and fluency.


5 – Use Phrases and Short Paragraphs

Writing well and properly doesn’t mean using long sentences and long paragraphs to explain your ideas.

Instead, unfold the knowledge you want to share into smaller topics by shortening sentences and breaking paragraphs into fewer lines.

You are writing for an internet audience. So, the proposal is quite different from paper content readers.

The reading experience itself is completely different and the more objective and accurate the better the flow of text consumption.

Ideally, you should follow a maximum of three lines for each paragraph you write. Try to keep this balance in the article, sometimes leveling it with one line too much or too little.

And always skip a blank line when starting another paragraph. The goal with this is not to pile up too many lines while giving visual relief to those reading the content.    

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Effective Management Fri, 06 Sep 2019 10:25:18 +0000 Effective Management


Focus On 5 Human Resources Functions

The management of teams and talents is the main mission of Human Resources professionals within companies. In other words, they manage hiring and staff training as well as strengthening social relationships to ensure a pleasant and stimulating work environment. If you want to know more information about Human Resources functions you can check at  Zoe Talent

On the other hand, if they are very interesting in terms of professional career, the Human Resources professions however require strong technical and managerial skills, but also essential human qualities such as the sense of observation and listening, negotiation and above all a good dose of empathy and organization. The training offer Human Resources is essentially based around recruitment, training, evaluation and compensation … Here are the portraits of 5 Human Resources jobs.


Staff management

This function involves the management of the entire “personal chain”, from recruitment to forward-looking management of jobs and skills (GPEC), through pay and staff evaluation. In addition, the personnel manager must perform his function taking into account the real needs of the company in order to hope for rather satisfactory results.

In addition, candidates for a career in personnel management ideally need a degree in Human Resources Management. It is a function that can offer other alternatives, such as the Human Resources assistant position accessible with a Bachelor in charge of Human Resources admission. The HR assistant is the right-hand man for the HR director, who helps him achieve his various missions and remains a privileged interlocutor for employees.


Payroll trades

Payroll is certainly a fundamental function of Human Resources and therefore remains very much in demand by companies. Working in close collaboration with the Human Resources department and the accounting department of the company, the missions of a payroll agent are diversified and involve the preparation of pay slips, the total management of employees (leave, absences , travel, pensions …), management of social declarations with mutuals, etc.

In terms of skills required to practice the profession, the control of databases, payroll software and office tools is highly desirable. Finally, the position is primarily intended for holders of a Payroll Management and Personnel Administration License.


Social management control

Among his many missions, he anticipates and evaluates the financial costs of the Human Resources policy, manages the information on the workforce, prepares budgets and annual forecasts, organizes meetings and especially establishes financial follow-ups and social reports of the business.

Social management control is a strategic function of Human Resources, so it remains very attractive in terms of remuneration. If he can eventually lead to the Human Resources Department, a Master 2 in Social Management Control is the qualification to access this position.


Staff training and management of social relations

On the one hand, the training manager assesses the collective and individual needs of employees in order to implement a training plan structured around new learning methods. On the other hand, the head of social relations, also called legal and social responsibility or still attached to the social management, is the representative of the company in the negotiations with the various representative bodies of the personnel. Its main mission is to ensure a better social climate and ensure a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere in the workplace.

Finally, it is now possible to follow a distance training in Human Resources, many platforms exist for those who wish to master the strings of the field at home!

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Pay Per Click Update for August 2019 – Newsletter August 2019 Tue, 03 Sep 2019 04:50:39 +0000




Do local citations matter anymore? Mike Blumenthal and other SEO experts share their opinions about how much attention we should be really giving to structured citations.


For any local business, managing their local citations i.e. submitting to top local search engines and directories is still one of the things that make it to the top of the local SEO checklist. With a key focus on quick (automated) submissions and consistency, many local businesses turned to Yext as their go-to service and helped it propel to a $170 million business in 2018!


Local citations were historically seen as one of the top ranking factors but things are not the same now. SEO experts such as Mike Blumenthal (GatherUp) now dismiss citations as almost of no use.


Here’s what Mike Blumenthal has to say.


“If a business has their data correct on their website and can get their data straightened away at Google, Facebook and maybe Yelp, there is no need for a citation campaign and certainly no need for a recurring cost to do so.


Google cares about local sites and web-references that users engage with and occur on pages on some amount of prominence. So it isn’t just a matter of having a citation at Yelp or HealthGrades or Trip Advisor, but of having a listing that ranks well at those sites and can pass some authority to your local entity. The strongest industry vertical sites, in some industries, do send some traffic so a citation and content build-out is relevant there.


But the idea of getting listed at 80 sites and paying for it annually is an idea whose time has passed. And the traditional idea of an unstructured citation, (i.e., being cited at an authoritative journal or news source even without a link) has merit. But that is more along the lines of PR than a citation campaign and it can have significant influence over the rank of a business.”


Similar to Mike Blumenthal, this is what Joy Hawkins from Sterling Sky has to say.


“I often find that people are surprised to hear that my agency doesn’t focus much on citation building or “maintaining” as a strategy.  We’ve found that time is better spent on other high-impact tactics.


We only bother with citation work if the client has recently moved locations. Even then, we notice that it doesn’t make a huge difference.


We don’t ignore it completely; it’s just labeled here as a low-impact tactic so it’s not what we tackle first.”


What’s our take on this?


The consensus now appears to be that citations are declining in importance. It’s quite true that our industry’s perception of the role of citations has changed a lot. However, we continue to believe local citations still have an important role to play and are not yet ready to throw them out of our toolkit.


Every location-based business needs to own as much of its branded and core keyword SERPs as possible. Taking maximum control of citations is one of the most obvious and sensible ways to achieve a high degree of ownership. Because all forms of citations could be points of entry for consumers, businesses need to manage them for accuracy and consistency.


However, we feel that the idea of getting your business listed on multiple sites and paying for it annually makes no sense at all. Instead, we focus more on manual submissions which are much quicker to show up as compared to automated submissions, you can select which directories to submit to and you have full ownership and control over these sites.





Due to the growing need to bolster online security, every search engine strives to come up with new, innovative ways to make users feel as secure as possible in the digital world. One such measure taken by the search engines is to warn users against insecure sites by showing a “Warning: Security Risk Ahead” message page.


How BIng Reacts to Expired SSL Certificate


Google Chrome and Firefox show a “Not Secure” warning to users on non-secure (without https) websites.




If a website has been flagged as a phishing site, it will display this warning before allowing you to proceed on Chrome.




Bing goes a step further by warning the users that there is a problem with the website’s security certificate and that the problem may be an indication that it might be an attempt to fool you or intercept your data.




How This Can Affect Your Business


Even if there is no real security threat to the users or their data, the fact that the search engines redirect the users to a warning page instead of the homepage can have a huge impact on your website’s organic traffic. Hence, it is important that you keep a track on when your site’s security certificate is about to expire and renew it promptly to ensure that potential leads are not discouraged from visiting your website.


Do local citations matter anymore? Mike Blumenthal and other SEO experts share their opinions about how much attention we should be really giving to structured citations.


Entities with Google accounts can now claim their knowledge panels to gain complete access over the information that it contains. So if you are a brand that is large enough to trigger a knowledge panel, go ahead and create your own Google knowledge panel today.




How to Claim?

  • Make sure you have a Google account.
  • Search for your entity in the Google search box.
  • Scroll to the very bottom and click on the ‘claim this knowledge panel’ button which will direct you to the entity verification page.
  • Verify your entity by signing in to your listed official site/profile.
  • YouTube
  • Search Console
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Review the displayed information, once the features are granted post verification.


Remember: Use the most accurate and engaging information about your entity while you review it. Information that shows up on search (images, stats, facts, etc.) can be changed accordingly.


Outcome: Since Google has depreciated the importance of structured data markup for knowledge panels, this is the easiest and latest way of getting your company details updated. So make sure you claim your panel right away!



Google recently tested a new “Request A Quote” button feature within the knowledge panels of the businesses that are verified and listed on Google My Business (GMB) and also who have the messaging feature within the GMB App.



Trying it Ourselves


Although the testing of the feature was hit-and-miss for us, it did lead us to conclude that there are high chances that for now, Google must have been testing the feature in a specific region only.


Google had earlier launched the Messaging feature for Google My Business (GMB) App in June 2017 and since has proven to be a great option to get in touch with businesses for potential clients, that too via TEXT!


This feature also allows businesses to set a limit for the number of messages received and can also be turned on/off as and when needed.


Actionable Strategy


If you haven’t figured out a way to use the feature or haven’t come across it yet then we would highly recommend you to download and try it for your business today. Get entire details on how to make use of this feature here. Those who have the app installed already can proceed with the following steps:

  • Open your Google My Business app
  • Click on the location you want to message from
  • Click the Customers button
  • Click the Messages button
  • Click Turn On


Final Takeaway


Although the “Request A Quote” feature is not officially launched yet, it is only a matter of time when it will be. The feature would surely be a great addition to all of GMB’s features, allowing easy and direct communication between customers and businesses.




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Veterinary Business 2 – Case Study Wed, 21 Aug 2019 07:36:17 +0000




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Veterinary Business – Case Study Wed, 21 Aug 2019 07:29:02 +0000




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Insurance Company – Case Study Wed, 21 Aug 2019 07:03:12 +0000



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Home Decor Business – Case Study Wed, 21 Aug 2019 06:47:17 +0000




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